Research Support

Research Grant



  • Science & Technology Award (STA).
  • Science & Technology Research Grant (STRG).
  • Science Education Award (SEA).

2020 "Hubert Curien Partnership (PHC) - Hibiscus - France-Malaysia" Research Funding Programme (Click on MTSF Programs)

The application is to be done through MyGRANTS.

Grants offered by The World Academy of Sciences

Malaysia Toray Science Foundation

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)


Abe Fellowship - For international multidisciplinary research on topics of pressing global concern

National Grants from MOE

  • Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS).
  • Prototype Development Research Grant Scheme (PRGS).
  • Long-term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS)
  • Transdisciplinary Research Grant Scheme (TRGS)

Grants from Sumitomo Foundation

  • Grant for Japan-related Research Projects (yearly).
  • Grant for Projects for the Protection, Preservation, Restoration of Cultural Properties outside Japan (yearly).
  • Grant for Environmental Research Projects
  • Grant for Basic Science Research Projects

MACEE Fulbright Malaysia Grants (requires exchange for about 3-12 months)

  • Fulbright Malaysian Scholar Program.
  • Fulbright Malaysian Professional Exchange Program.
  • Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program.
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program.
  • Fulbright U.S.-ASEAN Visiting Scholar Program.

Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers

Note : The list above is not exhaustive. There are more to be explored.

Please browse the respective websites from time to time to get the updates on the opening of the grants.

Please be mindful also that HR may need to be consulted with for certain grants before application.

You may also reach out to the following 2 researchers cum lecturers for assistance with regards to grant matters.

  1. Dr. Ong Tze Chin, FOBCAL.
  2. Dr. Tam Yew Joon, FHLS.

Alternatively you can also contact us from the Secretariat for Research.

Research grant information is provided by the Office of Research, Develeopment & Consultancy

Last reviewed: 15 Dec. 2020