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For more information, please reach out to Secretariat of Research INTI-IU:

  • Miss Subashini K. Rajanthran -
  • Miss Rahaini -
  • Research grant information is provided by the Office of Research, Develeopment & Consultancy

    Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education applications for the two national research grant schemes, PRGS & FRGS is opened:-


    Please take note of the following timeline for different stages of application :

    Step 1: Submission of FRGS proposal through MyGRANTS. 20 December 2021 until 11 February 2022.

    Remember to provide at least 2 evaluators’ names (the evaluators must be a professor or an associate professor with related expertise). ORDC will then send the letter of appointment to formally invite them to be the evaluators.
    Note :Please alert ORDC if you are facing difficulties with MyGRANTS; ORDC will act as the contact point with MyGRANTS technical team at the Ministry.

    Step 2:First level of evaluation and revision of proposal. 12 February 2022 until 11 March 2022

    Once the evaluators have accepted the invitation, he/she will be able to access and evaluate the proposal through MyGRANTS. Researchers will be able to make amendment/correction to the comments given, and submit the fully revised and completed proposal through MyGRANTS.
    Note : Please alert ORDC if you can’t see the comments from the evaluators; please do not contact the evaluators by yourself.

    Step 3: Final review by ORDC/VC 14 – 15 March 2022. (Including making amendment, and submit the final proposal)

    Step 4: Submission of the final proposals to the Ministry through MyGRANTS - 16 March 2021

    Please remember to refer and adhere to the guidelines from the Ministry when preparing for the proposal

    Malaysia Toray Science Foundation

    • Science & Technology Award (STA).
    • Science & Technology Research Grant (STRG).
    • Science Education Award (SEA).

    The application is to be done through MyGRANTS.

    Grants offered by The World Academy of Sciences

    Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)


    Abe Fellowship

    National Grants from MOE

    • Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS).
    • Prototype Development Research Grant Scheme (PRGS).
    • Long-term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS)
    • Transdisciplinary Research Grant Scheme (TRGS)

    Grants from Sumitomo Foundation

    • Grant for Japan-related Research Projects (yearly).
    • Grant for Projects for the Protection, Preservation, Restoration of Cultural Properties outside Japan (yearly).
    • Grant for Environmental Research Projects
    • Grant for Basic Science Research Projects

    MACEE Fulbright Malaysia Grants (requires exchange for about 3-12 months)

    • Fulbright Malaysian Scholar Program.
    • Fulbright Malaysian Professional Exchange Program.
    • Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program.
    • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program.
    • Fulbright U.S.-ASEAN Visiting Scholar Program.

    Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers

    Research Grant - UPDATE
    No. Grant Link Deadline
    1. The Merdeka Award Grant Official Website 22 February to 3 May
    2. Engineering Information Foundation Grants Programs Official Website February 28 and August 31, every year
    3. The Toyota Foundation Official Website From April 1 to June 5, 2021
    4. Asia Pacific Economic Coorperation Official Website
  • Dates for Project Session 1, 2021 - 22 March
  • Dates for Project Session 2, 2021- 28 June
  • 5. International Funding Available - UK Arts & Humanities Research Council Official Website -Refer Scheme-
    6. Malaysia Laboratories for Academia-Business Collaboration (MyLAB) Official Website 31 May 2021
    7. The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey Official Website - Refer Scheme -
    8. US Civilian Research & Development Foundation Global (CRDF Global) Official Website - Refer Scheme -
    9. Merck 2021 Research Grants Official Website 31 August 2021
    10. Nagao Natural Environment Foundation Official Website
  • 20 April 2021 for those research projects starting from the period between July to December 2021
  • 19 October 2021 for those research projects starting from the period between January to June 2022
  • 11. CREST R&D Grant Official Website - Refer Scheme -
    12. International Visiting Researchers at Max Planck Institutes Official Website - Refer Scheme -
    13. National Science Foundation Official Website - Refer Scheme -
    14. Terra Viva Grants (A Completed Directory of Grant for Agriculture, Energy & Natural Resources) Official Website - Refer Scheme -
    15. Public - Private Research Network (PPRN) Official Website - Refer Scheme -

    Note : The list above is not exhaustive. There are more to be explored.

    Browse the respective websites from time to time to get the updates on the opening of the grants.

    Please be mindful also that HR may need to be consulted with for certain grants before application.

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    Last reviewed: January 2022