Tan Sri Abdul Majid (TSAM) Library was established with the opening of the INTI International University, Nilai campus in April 1998. It has grown and developed over the years and is presently located at the university's new wing known as the Learning Resource Center. TSAM Library serves a growing academic community, at present some of 6,000 members, who are mainly staff and students of INTI International University.

The Library currently has a collection of approximately 100,000 items comprising of materials in various formats such as monographs, serials and multimedia. The collection is centered on areas relevant to the courses offered at INTI International University. The INTI International University, TSAM Library, standing as the heart of the campus, will continue to develop into a dynamic resource center by providing the intellectual needs for its academic community.


Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Abdul Majid Ismail was the first Chairman of INTI Universal Holdings from 1986 to 2004. He comes from a very humble background. His childhood was spent in a small kampung house in Kampung Bharu. Although severe illness left him frequently bedridden, he excelled at school. He studied at Victoria Institution, where he was a patrol leader of the second Selangor Scouting Group and a member of the Beamish Cup team.

He was a Queen's Scholar and was sent for specialist medical education in the United Kingdom. He was the first orthopedic surgeon in Malaya. In 1971, he was appointed the the Director-General, Ministry of Health for Malaysia. He was a founding member and President of the Malaysian Orthopedic Association. He was also a founding member and Vice-President of the ASEAN Orthopedic Association. Besides all these positions, he was the Chairman of the Council of the University of Malaya (1978 - 1987) a Fellow for Medical Science in the Academy of Science, Malaysia and a member of the Victoria Institution Board of Governors.

He was the chairman of several Malaysian companies, including Syarikat Endah Sari Sdn. Bhd. This octogenarian leads a very active lifestyle. He enjoyed golf, big game hunting, gardening and chess.