1. Loan

Circulation counter

Loaning period varies for printed and non-printed materials. All open shelf collection can be borrowed out by registered members according to the TSAM Library circulation policy. Circulation Counter provides loan, return and reservation services.

2. Book Chute

Book Chute

Book Chute service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Book returned during library closure will only be discharged on the next working day. Non-book materials and ILL book cannot be returned via this method.

3. Discussion Rooms

Discussion Room

There are 10 discussion rooms (8 at Level 2 and 2 at Level 1) available for group discussion. Number of users must not less than 4 but not more than 8 person. Duration of use is two hours. Students must register their particulars in the discussion room online form and leave their ID cards at the circulation counter.

4. Viewing Room

Viewing Room

Booking of Viewing Room must be made 1 week in advance via email. Theater setting, can accommodate up to 60 people. It is also equipped with LCD projector.

5. Interactive Room

Interactive Room

The Interactive Room is equipped with iProjection device and Smart Interactive Whiteboard. Non-formal, casual set-up with beanbags. Suitable for class not exceed 30 students

6. Netzone


Netzone Area. 5 computers available at level 2 with free internet access. You can also plug in your laptop near the area.

7. Reading Area level 1

Circulation counter

Open reading area is located at level 1.

8. Reading Area level 2

Circulation counter

Level 2 reading area.

9. Extension Cord

Extension Cord

Extension Cord provided may be use to power or charge approved devices such as laptops or mobile devices. User need to leave their ID at the circulation counter and collect it upon returned of the extension cord

10. Lockers


Lockers located near the entrance of the library are available for all Library users FREE OF CHARGE.

11. Chill Out Zone

Chill Out Zone

A designated space for student to chill out in between classes or working hard throughout the day. Complete with indoor board games and space to just kick back and relax!

12. Photocopy Machine

Circulation counter

Send print jobs via Wi-Fi from your own devices. Please top-up e-cash onto your student ID card to make printing or photocopies. eCash top up at Konica Print Room, Block D, Level 2 or Online top-up here

13. Wireless Internet Access

Circulation counter

We offer wireless Internet access to all library users. Access is available in every public area of the library.

14. Access to Library for Persons with Disabilities

Circulation counter

Level 1 from Lounge Area to Reading Area

Circulation counter

From Parking Area to LRC

Circulation counter

Parking Area for Person With Disabilities