General Rules

  1. 1. Silence is to be observed in the Library at all times. All hand phones must be in silent/vibration mode. Users who cause disturbance or are disruptive and unruly may be asked to leave the library.

  2. 2. Consumption of foods, and smoking are not permitted. Plain drinking water is the only drink permitted in the Library. No drinks are allowed near the computers. Be sure to throw your empty bottles in the dustbins provided.

  3. 3. The library is not responsible for loss of any item left (behind) in the library.

  4. 4. Students without ID cards and who are not properly attired, are not allowed into the library.

  5. 5. Students are not allowed to remove or to change the arrangement of chairs or tables in the library.

  6. 6. Reservation of seats is not permitted. Books and other articles left on the tables or chairs will be removed by the Library staff.

  7. 7. Students are requested to place the books on the trolley once they have finished reading them in the Library.

  8. 8. When leaving the library, all students are required to show their books (including personal belongings) at the checking counter.

  9. 9. Members caught mutilating, defacing or committing theft of library materials will be handed over to the Disciplinary Board.

  10. 10. Members found breaking library rules will have their library privileges suspended.

  11. 11. Usage of Internet in the Library. Students are reminded to visit websites responsibly. Action will be taken against those who are caught viewing or downloading Sensitive Contents (pornography, politics, religious extremism and other sensitive material).

  12. 12. Please take note that Circulation Counter & Computer Room will be CLOSED 15 minutes before the library closes.

  13. 13. Please be informed that the library management will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal belongings placed within the library premises.

  14. 14. In the event of any damage caused to the library facilities the users causing the damage will be held responsible for any costs and/or repair to the damaged facilities.

  15. 15. The Library Committee may amend the Library Rules and Regulations, as and when necessary.

Discussion Room

  1. 1. Discussion rooms are for students / staff for academic purposes only. General library rules also apply to the use of the QUIET Discussion Room. The discussion room should not be used for private study or social purposes.

  2. 2. The minimum number of users are 4 and maximum up to 8. Maximum hours of usage of each discussion room is 2 hours. Extended use of the discussion room is subject to availability.

  3. 3. Check the availability and register for a Discussion Room at the Circulation Counter on the day that you want to use. Advance booking is not permitted.

  4. 4. Leave the student/staff ID upon registration and collect it back from the staff on duty upon returning of Discussion Room key.

  5. 5. Only use the chairs and table provided in the room, do not bring in furniture from other areas of the Library. Discussion room users must ensure the discussion room is neat and tidy before leaving.

  6. 6. No foods or drinks are allowed in the discussion room.

  7. 7. All personal belongings may not be left unattended in the discussion room.

  8. 8. The Library reserves the right to terminate use of Discussion Rooms that disrupts Library users or staff or that interferes with normal Library operations.

  9. 9. Failure to comply with the library rules and regulations, Library User will be grounded for suspension of Discussion Room privileges.